Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Beginning and a Fresh Start


For me September has always been the real "New Year" - a time for fresh resolutions about getting organized, getting better grades and getting things done. Store aisles are filled with the promise of fresh starts- new paper, pencils and pens. How can we not succeed? You know the saying about the best laid plans of mice & men... I guess that's why there are fresh new erasers too!

I ran across this free eBook on Twitter. The New School Year is aimed at Christian Homeschoolers, but has many valuable tips for parents & teachers of any faith.

Topics Include:

Organizing your Schedule,Library,and Personal Boxes
Use the Electronic Tools of the Trade
When to Introduce Subjects
Scheduling the Easy Way! A 5-Step Plan

Organizing with Unit Studies

Organizing Your Space

Organize Your Equipment and Papers

Organize Your School Room Organize Children’s supplies

Keep Clutter Away

Get Your Free eBook Here

(This is a 49 Page pdf file)

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